Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dunfermline Carnegie Public Library

The Dunfermline Public Library is the first Carnegie library. It was opened on 29 August 1883 and all books were checked out on this day. Users of the library can choose from the nearly 59,000 items in a large variety of genres. The library has expanded the building on two separate occasions with the last one being in 1992. The 1992 expansion provided an area for the children’s department. This area conducts rhythm time sessions, toddler sessions, and craft events. A summer reading program began last year and is called Circus Stars Program. This summer the program has continued to grow with 139 children enrolled thus far.

The special collections department houses exhibits of the Murison Burns and George Reid collections. In the collections are medieval manuscripts and early printed books. The materials in these collections are closed to the public except for requests.

The local history department is a major strength of the library. It contains space for exhibitions that users of the community or the library can show collections. The open access books in the section are arranged by locality. It is determined which part of Scotland the book is referring and it is placed with other books of its kind. I was intrigued by this classification system and did not know if it would really be that effective. However it seems that this is the best way for these materials to be arranged since it is a relatively small collection and the users mostly want books about certain areas.

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