Monday, July 11, 2011

Stephen Lawrence Gallery

The Stephen Lawrence Gallery is located in Maritime Greenwich and is associated with the University of Greenwich. The gallery began after a young man in the community was murdered and the police didn’t pursue the people responsible due to family wealth. This lack of action outraged the greater community and it was suggested that this gallery be founded and named after the young man killed. The gallery’s aim then is to provide the community with visual arts that allows people to view art in a different way with regards to race, gender, and disability.

Currently the gallery is showing an exhibition concerning the recent art of the former Greenwich Studios artists. The exhibition is small, only containing twenty-eight pieces, but is arranged in such a way that all items work with each other. The exhibition gives some history of Greenwich and especially of the studio artists. A previous exhibition showed archival material from the Greenwich Studios along with selected art works. This exhibition also provided information about the studio artists but more of the behind the scenes aspects.

I really enjoyed this gallery and the information that was given. The gallery showed me a different side of library science and how artistic galleries can be associated with library science.

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