Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ready, Set, Go

It has been a very long twenty four hours. I left Payson at 9 am and arrived at the Salt Lake Airport around 10 am. My Mom and Dad along with my sister stayed at the airport with me until I had to go through security. I loaded the plane in the last group and barely had enough room for my carryon luggage. The flight to Dallas was really good except for a bit of minor turbulence; however, the next flight was a different story. We started off with a delay at the gate after everyone had loaded due to a small maintenance problem. After we took off I thought that I would just sleep most of the flight but that did not happen. Out of the eight hour plus flight I only slept for about an hour and a half with most of that at the end of the flight. Well the flight finally ended and customs was a breeze. The British Studies Program picked us up and took us to our home for the next month. I checked in and got my room assignment which is kind of small but is pretty nice.

That first night we went on a neighborhood walk with our classes. After seeing a few things around our dorms, my class went on the Queen’s Walk along the South Bank of the Thames. This is probably one of my favorite places in the city so far and I have even walked down there a few times on my own already. Next we walked to Waterloo Station and purchased our travel cards. We took the underground to Leicester Square, walked to Trafalgar Square, and then had dinner at the Texas Embassy Cantina. This restaurant was previously the White Star Line and was the place where passengers of the Titanic purchased tickets. This neighborhood walk was a great way to stay awake after the flight and to get to know the area a little better.

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