Sunday, July 10, 2011


Due to a scheduling conflict, I was not able to go to the British Library. Fortunately the class gets to go back to the library later on in the month and those who missed the first trip can get a recap on what was said. Instead I am going to discuss some of the things that I did on my weekend in Paris.

Two of the tourist attractions that I visited are highly related to the library sciences. The first placed that I visited that I will discuss is the Louvre. The Louvre is incredibly large and contains a wide variety of items from paintings to statues. One can very easily get lost in this building due to its immense size and vast amounts of people that it can hold. Of course one of the greatest pieces of art in the museum is the Mona Lisa. I think that it is very interesting how such a small painting on its own fairly large wall can have a large crowd of people surrounding it. The painting is magnificent and I did get a good view of it despite the crowd. The other pieces that I saw were incredible and I got to see many of the main pieces from the museum.

The other attraction was the Palace of Versailles. I thought that the Louvre property was large until I saw the property of the Versailles. I don’t think that the buildings are equivalent but the grounds of Versailles are expansive. One of the coolest things for me was seeing the room that the Treaty of Versailles was signed. The room is in one of the separate quarters and it is a beautifully decorated room that is entrenched with history.

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